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Glendora Dots

The Mystical Llama Ranch is located in the peaceful foothills of Northern California. We are a 65 acre ranch with a llama count of approximately 100 animals.

Mystical Llamas has several outstanding herdsires who have been very successful in the show ring, produced outstanding pack animals and animals of exceptional quality fiber.  These herdsires' offspring have gone on to become fantanstic athletes,  ribbon winners and Champions.

We have llamas for sale to meet your needs - whether it is breeding stock, a show animal, pet, guardian, fiber producer or packer.

Mystical Llamas offers a boarding service for owners needing a temporary home, a place to retire their long time friends, or a country local to house their animals.

Greg and EstherSue Sykes have worked with llamas collectively for more then 46 years

Mystical Llamas  5963 Fruitland Rd., Marysville, CA. 95901
TEL: (530) 743- 4803  e-mail info@Mysticallamas.com