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Mystical Llamas has been raising quality llamas for over twenty years now. We started with the Classic Style llamas  because of their long agile body, light wool and versatility as a show, performance and pack animal. Through the years, we have strived to breed llamas with outstanding confirmation and temperament.

While we still maintain the Classical style and elegance, we have added Medium wooled llamas to our herd for their versatility and fiber quality.

We maintain approximately a dozen quality studs for service.  These boys are of all types and bloodlines.  We have full blooded Chilians and full blooded classic North Americans, short wool, medium wool and some heavy wool.  All of our boys are very well conformed, with no structural flaws. 

Mystical Llamas  5963 Fruitland Rd., Marysville, CA. 95901
TEL: (530) 743- 4803  e-mail info@Mysticallamas.com