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Greg and Jazztime
Greg and EstherSue have been raising llamas in our present location since 1989.  It was at this time that we were married and received some money as a gift.  This money was used to purchase our very first llama.  As llamas go one just leads to another and another and another.  We now have about 100 head.  It doesn't seem to matter how many there are there is always room for one more pretty face.  While we do sell our llamas it is always difficult to part with any of them and we do recognize that each llama deserves a people of their own that they don't have to share with 100 other llamas.
It is important to us to find the right llama for each person.  The animal that will do the job they want them to do and the people that will fit the llama's individual personalities
It is our objective to promote llamas as a work animal as well as a companion animal, to introduce llamas to those that are not yet aquainted with them and to support new owners.  We breed only for the best in conformation and disposition in a variety of wool types 

Greg and EstherSue both work off the ranch.  EstherSue is an elementary school teacher and Greg owns his own auto mechanics shop.  We both find we are stretched pretty thin but the ranch is our primary love and we always find time to care for the animals and attend llama functions

We could not get along without EstherSue's mother.  Although she is verging on 96 years young she still helps take care of the ranch.  You can find her every morning feeding our collection of dogs and cats and watering all of the llamas that are close to her home, also on the ranch.  When babies are expected Mom tours the area on her golf cart and reports to us at work anything new and exciting. She is also our social secretary and takes messages for us since she always knows where to find us be it at a llama event or out on the ranch or maybe even at work.  Although Mom passed away at the age of 99 on Easter Sunday of 2011 we leave this paragraph in memory of her.  No one met Mom that didn't love her and making folks feel welcome here at the ranch was always her great joy.  She is greatly missed.
Llamas are our life and our love.  We enjoy sharing our obsession with others and invite you to contact us with any questions you have about llamas or if you are interested in finding that perfect llama for show, breeding, guard, pack, fiber or pet.  Contact us and come by for a visit and a few llama kisses.
The page back ground is balloons because we also fly balloons off the ranch.  The big one in the middle, up high, with the wide yellow stripe is ours.  It is called Mystical Winds and the llamas enjoy watching it on calm early mornings.

Mystical Llamas, Greg and EstherSue

Mystical Llamas  5963 Fruitland Rd., Marysville, CA. 95901
TEL: (530) 743- 4803  e-mail info@Mysticallamas.com