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Packing with llama friends

Our Friends Margaret and Shadow on a Trip to Whiskey Town
Definition of a pack llama:  any mature llama who, when trained and conditioned, will carry a reasonable load to the satisfaction of the person whose load is being carried.
LLamas are not aggressive or pushy, rather they are respectfully distant.  Give them some space, a fair chance, and the distance transcends into a partnership of trust, respect and preformance.  Peaceful, alert, quiet, respectful, appreciative, curious, user friendly, regal, safe, low maintenance, and entertaining. Llamas are relatively small for large animals, 300 to 400 pounds, and can pack up to 25% of their body weight, require little pasture space, and are light consumers of water.  Llamas are sure-footed, having soft callus pads and two toes with toenails which require trimming, unless they live on rough ground.They are intelligent, learn quickly and are very easy to transport.  Since they eat a wide variety of plants and will forage and browse they have very little impact on the vegetation of the area in which you pack and will require only small amounts of food to be packed in for them.  Pack llamas travel at a moderate pace making it easy for you to enjoy the hike and absorb the wilderness experience.  Llamas are generally quiet, though they sometimes hum, and their footprints are nearly invisable,  their passage through the wilderness is barely discernable. Since they keep their ears and eyes tuned to the nature around them llamas will make you aware of events in nature that the lone hiker will miss. 
      If you are looking for a pack llama be aware that many llamas are sold as pack llamas when they only have the right size and shape and have never seen a trail.  The only real pack llama is one that has proven his ability and desire on the trail.  If you are new to llama packing buy at least one experienced packer ranging in price from $800.00 to $1600.00 and between the ages of three to eight with pack experience on the trail.  While size and shape are important to the pack llama, 300-400 pounds and long legged, this does not preclude the smaller, shorter legged animal from the possibilities.  It is not unheard of to find this animal has the heart and love of adventure to do an admirable job.

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